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located in Dillon, S.C.

"You Call, I Haul"- Coast To Coast

Motor Carrier # 317225- U.S Department of Transportation # 681242
Department of Defense Qualified Carrier - Standard Carrier Alpha Code: HINN


Camper & Boat Transporter

Welcome to Hinson Transport Service. We are located in northeastern South Carolina, but we haul anywhere in the contential United States. Providing you the finest and most comprehensive RV hauler, Car and Truck hauling, car transport, and vehicle transport . We are properly licensed and insured to haul your Truck, Car, Boat, Camper, Neck Over or Goose Neck anywhere in the continental United States of America. We are licensed and insured professional boat haulers. As a boat hauling specialists, we move small boats, large boats and those in between nationwide. Hinson Transport Service maintains first rate equipment to help insure your property gets to its destination safely. No job too big or too small.




Feel free to contact me by email about our boat hauling and camper transporters operation, or call me at the number below. Thanks for visiting my web site and remember safety is always first when traveling our highways.

Insured by: The Assurance Center - Insurance Company 1-800-433-3057.
Dealer inquiries welcome

Hinson Transport Service

Dillon, SC
Roland Hinson - Owner, Operator
Office and Truck: 843-632-1245

To request a quote please send an email to Roland@Hinsontransport.com

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Feel free to contact me by email or by Toll Free telephone number.

Thanks for visiting my website and remember safety is always first when traveling our highways.

Roland F. Hinson
Owner, Operator


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